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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm famous!

My good friend Victor is planning a hike to Delaware Water Gap and was poking around the NPS website gathering beta for the trip. Check out what he stumbled upon:

That photo was taken in 2004 on my Appalachian Trail thru-hike when Buddy and I stopped into the DWG visitor's center. I vaguely remember a photographer following me around there, but had no idea this 7 year old photo even existed let alone was being used in the banner on their website.


View the source here:

And I promise more posts are coming soon! Happy Hiking!


  1. It's crazy! I was like..."That guy looks like Peter. Hey! That guy is Peter!"

  2. Me, Pookie, Recon Joe, and Bluto just hiked 191 to Delaware Water Gap which was a 7mile hike with two beautiful campsites with southern exposure, and views of Lehigh Valley, the Delaware River, and NJ. I chilled with two gorgous sunsets and did it all from late Friday afternoon to Early Sunday Morning. A really nice easy hike. Myself and Recon Joe added another 3 miles becuase of a scarcity of water at the top of Mt. Minsi. We ended up walking to the Eureka Stream as opposed to the spring which is actually much easier to access. I also found out that there is a farm off of Totts Gap rd. that allows section hikers to use their hose. If it weren't for the added miles looking for water we would have all been at camp from 1:30 on, which is a little earlier than I like to get to camp. I like to get to camp around 4 pm. or 6pm. in the summer.

    I love the Rhododendrum forrest, and the close connection to the whole geological experience. You close up and personal and at times will have to have three points of contact while traversing to the top of Mt. Minsi. A great day trip for the family.


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